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A test series that will help you ace school exams and be prepared for toughest of the exams like Olympiads, NTSE

"Practicing carefully designed tests not only solidifies students' understanding of the concepts but can also teach them new things." 

- Teachers

"Practicing is the key to scoring top marks in school exams" 

- Teachers and Parents

"Practicing becomes a differentiator between two students at the same intelligence level." 

- Teachers

"Searching and finding good practice tests on all topics is really difficult. Finding well explained solutions are even more difficult.

- Students & Parents

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Practice all topics and sub topics to get top marks in Exams

Application based questions to prepare you for toughest of the exams

Three Levels of Difficulty to cover all topics from Basic to Advance

Get concept clarity

Level 1

Start preparing from Basic and go to Advance

Level 2

Get basics right

Level 3

Become a genius

Questions to challenge you a little more to give you conceptual clarity

Basic Questions on fundamentals.

Solve these for a firm conceptual foundation



Get personalised result which tells you exactly which topics you should revise to get more marks

Identify your weaknesses and turn them into strengths

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Finish your test series with 3 All India Tests

Assess yourself against the national competition. Get National Ranking and Win Apple iPAD Air and 100+ scholarships

Announcement of Result for All India Tests         :        1st Week, April 2016

Announcement of Winners and Scholarships      :       1st Week, April 2016 

All India Math Exam        :        14th Feb 2016

All India Physics Exam    :        21st Feb 2016

Al lndia Chemistry Exam :        28th Feb 2016

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  • Apple iPAD Air for All India Toppers of Class 7, 8, 9 and 10
  • 100 + Scholarships for meritorious students of Class 7, 8, 9 and 10
  • 'Junior Kalaam' Certificate in Math & Science to all the participants

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About Edvie Math & Science Test Series for Class 7 to 10

We all know the importance of practicing by solving different questions to get concept clarity and to build strong conceptual knowledge so that we get top marks and can also apply our learnings to real life problems. That is why #Practice Karo and #Aur Practice Karo are favourite phrases of every Indian parent.While practicing is highly suggested, students find it challenging to find tests which are scientifically structured to first build their basics and then go to advance level to build strong application based knowledge. Also, students have to waste a lot of energy and time in activities like - searching for good tests on a topic / sub topic, matching answers with answer keys (if any), calculating scores, trying to analyse their performance. This brings down their efficiency of practicing.

Edvie #PracticeKaro Test Series removes all these challenges and provide students of Class 7 to 10 with scientifically structured 115 tests in Math, Physics and Chemistry each covering ALL topics and sub-topics of CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE and State curriculums. Students can start taking test on a click of a mouse, the result and personalised performance analysis get auto generated after every test. Students get to know about their strong and weak areas. Students can also re-take a test multiple times to improve their scores.

Additional Features

All students will get their All India Rank so that they can assess themselves against the competition from across India.Students can get their doubts clarified by posting their questions on Discussion Forum.

Preparing for competitive exams

Edvie #PracticeKaro Test Series also prepares students for Math Olympiads, Science Olympiads, NTSE and IIT JEE (as the test series are based on Edvie IIT Foundation Curriculum Details)

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